Hello, loves! You can call me Mar. I'm just a humble 23 year old that believes in love and fairy tales. I like to inspire people with fashion and happiness. I love England and traveling. While the other side of me is the biggest nerd and cosplayer.

Bought new makeup from the Jill Stuart store! I first saw the blush from Bubz’s favorites of January video on Youtube and it was so me, so I had to get it! These are really huge in Japan, perhaps because of the “hime-esque” (princess looking) packaging. But she was giving them away in gift bags in her fashion show in 2009. Maybe we can get more fans in America. 

I bought the blush blossom in number 06 Little Anemone. The blush also comes with a retractable brush. It’s cute but let’s how good the brush is.. And I also bought the lipstick in 17 Sunset Glow. The makeup was a bit pricey… but I believe it is worth having in your makeup collection.

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gpoy Dx

gpoy Dx

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